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The new Moldavian Belt Tournament will be held for the elite and youth boxers in Iasi on August 22-28

The Romanian Boxing Federation hosted the first Brasov Youth & Junior Open in February, the prestigious Golden Belt Elite Tournament in April and another new competition, the Gheorgheni Open for the junior, schoolboy and schoolgirl boxers this June. Their fourth international competition in 2022, the Moldavian Belt Tournament will be coming soon in Iasi on August 22-28.

Iasi is a university city in Eastern Romania near the boarder of Moldova and it has a population of more than 300,000. The Moldavian Belt Tournament will be held for the elite women, elite men and youth men boxers in Iasi. Altogether 12 women and 26 men weight categories are included to the Moldavian Belt Tournament.

August is not covered with elite international tournaments and the new edition of the Moldavian Belt could be a solution for many of the National Federations in that gap on the competition schedule to use it as preparation before the next main goals. The competition could also be a preparation for the youth boxers on their road to the IBA Youth World Boxing Championships which will be held in La Nucia-Benidorm on November 6-20.

The venue of the Moldavian Belt Tournament is the Polivalenta Hall in the city of Iasi and the IBA Scoring System and Technical Rules will be used during the competition. All of the IBA National Boxing Federations can send one boxer in each weight category and has the right to appoint their Referees & Judges. All of the teams will be welcomed in the Iasi International Airport or in the Iasi Railway Station.

The room rates for the team delegations in a double room is 55 EUR per person per day which includes three meals too. The room rate in case of single occupancy is 75 EUR per person per day at the Moldavian Belt Tournament.

Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Turkey were the best nations in the previous Moldavian Belt Tournament.

See the Tournament’s details by the link