Dr. Ioannis Filippatos became the new and current President of the EUBC. Also, in 2022, at the end of the year, the Confederation became the first to appoint a female Secretary General.


Mr. Franco Falcinelli (Italy) was elected President and continued to oversee EUBC for 10 years until 2022. During this time, there were 3 Ordinary and 2 Extraordinary Congresses, and all the necessary EUBC Championships were duly hosted. Even during COVID-19, the EUBC maintained strict protocols and managed to continue hosting the championships. Notably, the ‘Event Management Protocol during Covid-19 Pandemic’ document was prepared by Dr. Ioannis Filippatos and was used for all the events. This document was later adapted for use by IBA also. Many IBA certification courses were also facilitated during this period, ranging from 1-star to 3-star Coaches and R&J courses and ITOs courses.



During the AIBA Ordinary Congress in Almaty, Dr. Humbert Furgoni (France) was re-elected as AIBA Vice-President from the European continent and thus maintained his position as President of the European Boxing Confederation. A new composition of the Executive Committee was elected at the EUBC General Assembly on November 3 in Almaty.



Madrid hosted the EUBC General Assembly, which adopted the EUBC Constitution and approved the composition of the Executive Committee, EC Bureau, and EUBC permanent commissions.




On the decision of AIBA Extraordinary Congress Chicago 2007, the EABA Executive Committee, in its meeting in Paris (01.12.2007), approved the reorganization of the European Amateur Boxing Association (EABA) to be called the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC).


Моscow (Russia). Regarding the legitimacy of the Extraordinary Congress in Prague, it was decided to call an Ordinary Congress in Moscow. This Congress confirmed the previous decision regarding the election of Eduard Khusainov as President. Former President E. Jechev became the Honorary President of EABA.


Extraordinary Congress – Prague (Czech Republic)

The necessity for the call of an Extraordinary Congress was explained by the dissatisfaction with EABA Board governance expressed by several National Federations: non-compliance with EABA Statutes, numerous cases of abuse of power and total ignorance of National Federations’ opinions. The agenda included the total re-election of an Executive Board of EABA. Eduard Khusainov (Russia) was elected as President.


Yalta (Ukraine)

Attendance of 88 delegates from 38 countries. Emil Jechev is re-elected again as President.


Constanta (Romania)

E. Jechev is re-elected as EABA President.


Аntalya (Тurkey)

Discussion and decision on personnel and organizational issues.


Nicosia (Cyprus)

Eighty-five delegates from 29 countries. Report of Executive Committee and its re-elections. Approval of the events calendar for 1991 – 1994. E. Jechev is elected as EABA President.


Halle (GDR)

Clive Haw (Great Britain) was elected as President. Vice-presidents: E. Jechev (Bulgaria), D. Ivanovic (Yugoslavia), B. Idziak (Poland).


Nice (France)

New President Elections. Bernard Restout (France) was elected President for four years until 1986. Vice-Presidents elected: K.-H. Wer (GDR), E. Jechev (Bulgaria), G. Guriev (Romania).


Extraordinary Congress – Кoln (FRG)

Clarification of financial matters. Participation of European teams at the Olympic Games 1980.


Neptun (Romania)

Report of all commissions. Amendments to the Statutes. New President elections. Mr. J. Hoffman (Netherlands) is elected President for four years until 1982. Vice-Presidents elected: E. Jechev (Bulgaria), G. Guriev (Romania), H. Warren (England).


Edinburg (Scotland)

Decision on the classification of EABA international tournaments – A, B, C and development of events calendar. Elections of Vice-Presidents: R. Lisowsky (Poland), H. Warren (England), E. Jechev (Bulgaria). Discussion on the financial support of EABA international tournaments.


Моscow (USSR)

Creation of European Association. Adoption of the Statutes. President Elections. N. Nikifirov-Denisov (USSR) is elected as EABA President.