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The new Board of Directors were elected in Assisi as the closing remark of the EUBC Ordinary Congress

The EUBC Ordinary Congress finished in the Conference Hall of the Hotel Cenacolo in Assisi, Italy with the elections of the Board of Directors. The newly elected EUBC President Mr. Ioannis Filippatos of Greece can work with his new Board of Directors from Hungary, Bulgaria, Monaco, Romania, Montenegro, Armenia, Russia, Spain and Serbia.

The result of the second election process for the EUBC Presidency was 25-22 in the favour of Mr. Ioannis Filippatos of Greece still in the first session of the Congress. He can work as EUBC President in the upcoming four years of term after that he had a tight success over Mr. Boris Van der Vorst of the Netherlands today.

The Honorary Positions were decided based upon motion by the Board which opened the afternoon session of the Congress. Mr. Franco Falcinelli became the Honorary President of the European Boxing Confederation. The previous EUBC President worked a lot for the success of European boxing in the recent ten years and the goodbye was an emotional moment for the Italian official.

The voting for the EUBC Board of Directors was the main part of the afternoon session of the EUBC Ordinary Congress. Mr. Boris Van der Vorst has withdrawn for the elections of the Board of the Directors and he is still planning to run for the IBA Presidency. Mrs. Zsuzsanna Toth was automatically elected as Board of Director according to the EUBC rules as the only female candidate for the position.

Eight male Directors were elected in the afternoon session in the following order: Mr. Krasimir Ininski of Bulgaria, Mr. Andre Micallef of Monaco, Mr. Vasile Citea of Romania, Mr. Aleksander Klemenko of Montenegro, Mr. Ohanes Ovsepian of Armenia, Mr. Sunaid Khalidov of Russia, Mr. Felipe Martinez of Spain and Mr. Nenad Borovcanin of Serbia.

Per-Axel Sjoholm of Sweden and Vusal Nasirli of Azerbaijan were not elected as the two officials did not get enough votes for that. The closing remarks was made by the newly elected EUBC President Mr. Ioannis Filippatos who is grateful for the activities of the European National Federations and the participation in this EUBC Ordinary Congress.