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The Acropolis Cup returns to the boxing agenda after 18 years of break

The Acropolis Cup returns to the boxing agenda after 18 years of break which is the effort of the Hellenic Boxing Federation and their energetic President, Mr. Charis Mariolis. The 26th edition of the Acropolis Cup will be held for the women and men elite boxers in Athens between June 15 and 20.

The venue of the Acropolis Cup is the Panathenaic Stadium in the centre of Athens which is a historic stadium built in 330/329 BC. This is the only stadium in the entire world which is made from marble. The 26th Acropolis Cup is scheduled to take place in all of the 12 women and 13 men weight categories in Athens.

The first Acropolis Cup was held in Athens in 1975 when Greece, West Germany and Austria earned the gold medals. The tenth edition of the Acropolis Cup saw such strong champions as Italy’s Olympic Games winner Maurizio Stecca, his teammate Francesco Damiani and Romania’s Valentin Silaghi in 1984. Such promising nations as Japan, Indonesia, Canada, the Philippines, Morocco, Belgium, Pakistan and Canada won gold medals in the early editions of the Acropolis Cup.

Athens hosted the 1989 European Boxing Championships and the 1990 edition of the Acropolis Cup was a strong event with such winners as Hungary’s Olympic Champion Istvan Kovacs, Netherlands’ Orhan Delibas and France’s Patrice Aoussi. Greece’s Georgios Stefanopoulos won several titles in the Acropolis Cup between 1984 and 1993.

The 1997 edition was a qualification event for the 1998 European Boxing Championships. The Acropolis Cup was upgraded to Olympic Qualifier in 1999 and the last 25th edition was the Olympic Games Test Event in Athens in May 2004. The Cuban stars such as Yuriolkis Gamboa, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Mario Kindelan, Odlanier Solis, furthermore Italy’s Roberto Cammarelle and Greece’s Helias Pavlidis were among the winners in 2004.

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