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Tampere’s top event, the 42nd Tammer Tournament will be one of the highlights in November

The 41st Tammer Tournament opened the year in January 2022 which was postponed from October 2021. The next 42nd Tammer Tournament will be held in the city of Tampere on November 11-13. It means that this is the very first time in the history of the event when two editions of the Tammer Tournament take place in one year. 

The host and the head of the organizers of the tournament is the local boxing association and one of our experienced Technical Delegates, Ms. Anna Laukkanen of Finland. Her key role in the Tammer Tournament will guarantee unforgettable moments for the teams and professional organization.

The new 42nd Tammer Tournament will welcome the top female and male elite boxers in November during the IBA Youth World Boxing Championships. The venue of the traditional competition is the Pyynikki Sports Hall as in the previous years. The competition will be held in two female and eleven male weight categories in Tampere as in the 41st edition.

The Tammer Tournament was launched in 1977 when Finland, Canada, West Germany and Bulgaria shared the gold medals. Several top champions from all over the globe participated in the prestigious event during the previous four and half decades. These included Finland’s Jyri Kjall, Italy’s Francesco Damiani, Kazakhstan’s Serik Konakbayev, Germany’s Sven Ottke, Spain’s Rafael Lozano, Russia’s Aleksandr Lebziak, Hungary’s Zsolt Erdei, Ireland’s Kenneth Egan, England’s Billy Joe Saunders, France’s Sofiane Oumiha, Finland’s Mira Potkonen and many others.

The city of Tampere hosted the AIBA Men’s Elite World Boxing Championships in 1993 and the European Boxing Championships in 2000. The Tammer Tournament returned to the boxing agenda after two years of break in January 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic but the LOC is ready to arrange the next 42nd edition in the highest possible level.

The last 41st edition of the Tammer Tournament was a combination of Round Robin and a normal competition with the participation of 37 boxers in January 2022. Despite the hard situation, the governmental decisions and some restrictions, altogether 10 nations, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, England, Wales and the Netherlands sent their boxers to the 41st Tammer Tournament. The Technical Delegate of the competition was Mr. Dragoljub Radovic of Montenegro.

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