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EUBC President Ioannis Filippatos along with EUBC Technical Delegate Viorell Sima first went to meet with North Macedonia Sports AMS Minister Naumce Mojsovski, who was accompanied by North Macedonia Boxing Federation President Faton Salihu, North Macedonia Boxing Federation Vicepresident Primislav Dimovski and International Relations North Macedonia Boxing Federation Radmila Simevska. Many interesting aspects of boxing and its benefits in the sports development of children and young people were discussed. After the talks with the Minister of Sports, the entire above delegation went to another meeting with Prime Minister of North Macedonia Artan Grubi. Very serious talks were held during this one day, which ended successfully, and we are very proud of such a course of action.
The next Balkan Boxing Championships will be held right here in northern Macedonia in the city of Skopje…. this is a big step in the history of this country towards the development of boxing, we are very proud and happy about it.