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Mr. Krasimir Ininski – Many of the boxers impressed me in the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships which was a successful event in Sofia

The President of the Bulgarian Boxing Federation Mr. Krasimir Ininski arranged three big international competitions in the first four months of the year. Following the Strandja Memorial Tournament, the Emil Jechev Youth & Junior Memorial Tournament, their third competition was the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships in Sofia.

Altogether 377 boxers attended in the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships in Sofia which was record in comparison to the recent editions. Plenty of new young talents shined in the competition and Mr. Krasimir Ininski shared us his thoughts, opinions and experiences after this wonderful championship.

When did you decide to bid to host the 2022 EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships in Sofia?

The decision made right after the publishing of the Bidding documents in the EUBC website. The Bulgarian Boxing Federation successfully hosted several continental championships in the recent years. I am really happy that together with my team we have prepared an outstanding presentation of our country and organizing skill, and we won the bidding of the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships.

Could you please tell me how did you prepare for the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships? What were the key programs and main management decisions to organize the event?

As I am working together with an experienced team, I was able easily to divide the tasks between them. We have developed new marketing strategy and branding for the event that was polished after the successful Strandja Memorial Tournament that created new opportunities and contacts. Furthermore, we have improved the accommodation and transportation plans and the venue set up. I fully trusted the work of my team and our managers to check all of the details. For me, regular meetings and clear responsibilities are the key to a successful communication and event.

What were the main difficulties before the start of the event which you had to manage before the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships? Which were the biggest strengths of your organization?

During the preparation period we were still under the pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, its strict regulations were lighten one month before the event and that allowed us more freedom in promotion for live audience, meals, transportation and venue set-up. I am really happy that together with IBA, we could welcome the young Ukrainian boxers in Bulgaria and supported them in these difficult times.

What is your opinion about the performance of the European youth boxers in Sofia? Do you have any new favourite boxer?

The performance of the boxers in this EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships was at a very high level. Many of them impressed me with their skills in Sofia at this age. If I can name someone, Enriko Itauma from England was the best in this championship. He was perfect throughout the tournament and if he continues to develop like this, he has a bright future ahead of him, both in the Olympic and professional boxing.

Did your expectation meet with the performance of the Bulgarian boxers? What was the goal before the start of the competition?

I think that the performance of the Bulgarian boxers was good in this event. We are pleased with what they have shown in the front of the crowd. Four of them reached the finals, we won a total number of five medals, so they showed a good level of boxing. We always work for development and upgrading. They can accomplish their goals and dreams only with hard work, that is the only way for them.

Who was the main positive surprise for you in the Bulgarian youth national team during the event?

I can pick out Georgi Stoyanov from my team, who became European Youth Champion at the cruiserweight (86kg). He really pleasantly surprised me and showed very high level in the matches when he played. I wish him to continue like this and I am sure this gold medal wil stimulate him even more in the future.

What were the main benefits of the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships?

It is very important to promote boxing as clear, honorable and prospective sport in the youth generation in Bulgaria. Creating the opportunity to watch and be part of a prestigious  continental event, gives them a valid example. Kids and the next generation can learn best from real experiences. I am really satisfied that we were able once more to provide these needs for our youth. Hosting and organizing outstanding events, we can truly support IBA in the building of new clear image in front of the Olympic family. On a national level each successful event is a proof for the governance that the Bulgarian Boxing Federation is one of the leading sport organizations in Bulgaria and its trustworthy partner in future projects.

Did Stoyka Krasteva’s Olympic gold medal change boxing’s possibilities, the atmosphere in Bulgaria?

Yes, her achievement was a huge success for the Bulgarian Boxing. It not only created opportunities for new partnerships and sponsorships but also with Stoyka’s new position as coach, she motivates children in the whole country. I believe she will continue her excellent work and she will remain a major figure in our boxing family.

Which events are planning to host in Bulgaria in the future?

Our top international tournament, the Strandja was a pilot event of the new IBA Golden Series this February. I believe that we will find a common path with IBA for the next year edition as well. I hope Bulgaria will be part of the Qualification pathways for the next Olympic Games which will be held in Paris in 2024. My team and I will also discuss another continental event to host it in Bulgaria after the official Bidding documents will be published.