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Launch of new EUBC Brand Identity and Website

EUBC President Dr. Ioannis Filippatos and the EUBC Board of Directors envision a new brand identity of the organization, with better communicative processes between the EUBC Office, NFs, boxers and fans, with the goals to attract more stakeholders and create fans engagement.

In this fashion, a new EUBC logo has been designed and finally registered.

The new logo is distinctive, representing unity, friendship, fairness, and strength. While the red and blue colors are normal and associative with boxing, the gradients within the logo have further significance. There is the depth in the darker shades to emphasize the symbolisms of courage, willpower, energy, honesty, trust, and positivity.

The EUBC President and the Board of Directors are also pleased to announce the launch of the new website, which has been designed and developed to be user-friendly, mobile-responsive, effective and illustrative of the activities of the EUBC. Other features include news and events sections, media section, links to social media channels. Have a look and enjoy the visit!

Social medias are also included in the communication strategy of the EUBC, and, accordingly, Facebook and Instagram have been relaunched and the YouTube channel has been properly organized.

The EUBC Media department invites National Federations to provide content – links to photos or video galleries, news, etc. of International Tournaments or other boxing activities. Emails can be sent to [email protected]






Further communication will be sent to the National Federations regarding the use of the EUBC logo.