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International boxing tournament in memory of the hero of the Soviet Union Konstantin Korotkov will start tomorrow. City of Khabarovsk, located in south-eastern Russia, will be the host of the event planned from 12 – 18 May. The tournament will be held in 13 men’ and 6 women’s weight categories. According to the preliminary entry forms, around 150 athletes from 8 countries will compete in Khabarovsk. Besides the host country, boxers from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Serbia and Belarus will take part.

The tournament was first held back in 1961, but from the year 2008 it started to be an international event. Last year’s edition gathered boxers from 16 countries. The Local Organizing Committee prepared the prize money for all finalists.

Technical Meeting and Official Draw will be done on 13 May, while the boxing starts one day later.