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Hungary, Georgia, Romania and Scotland shared the junior titles at the 71st Bornemissza Memorial Tournament

The first part of the finals were held at the 71st edition of the Bornemissza Memorial Tournament in Eger, Hungary on Day4. Twenty-one junior boxers celebrated their gold medals in the Bornemissza Memorial where Hungary, Georgia, Romania and Scotland shared the titles.

The new 71st edition is running in Eger this week and 224 boxers are fighting for the titles and among them 21 junior boxers are already gold medallists. The Technical Delegate of the Bornemissza Memorial Tournament is Mr. Viorel Sima of Romania. The competition is taking place in the women’s youth, women’s junior, men’s youth and men’s junior age groups.

The boxers, who were born in 2004 and in 2005, will be eligible to attend in the youth age group and the event is one of the top preparations for the upcoming 2022 IBA Youth World Boxing Championships. The younger 2006-2007 born junior boxers can compete for 26 titles in the upcoming Bornemissza Memorial Tournament.

The 25 youth finals are in the schedule on the last fifth competition day of the 71st Bornemissza Memorial Tournament.

The bout of the day

Georgia’s Levan Demurovi represented his nation at the 2021 EUBC Junior European Boxing Championships where he competed at the light flyweight (48kg). The Georgian moved up to the bantamweight (54kg) and advanced to the final of the Bornemissza Memorial Tournament. Demurovi is a strong puncher and he looked better in the first round than Hungary’s Matyas Nagy but this was not his best performance during his career. The Hungarian had fewer contests than his Georgian rival did but his stamina and fighting spirit were enough to decide their final in Eger.

The surprise of the day

Hungary’s Sara Varga opened the boxing year with several surprises at the Nations Junior Cup and at the Brasov Open. The 15-year-old Hungarian faced in the final of the junior featherweight (57kg) Romania’s Marinela Striceanu, a newcomer in their national team. The Romanian girl has just moved up from the bantamweight (54kg) but she had the power to deliver shots with perfect timing. Varga was the favourite of their final but the Romanian worked hard until the last bell to win their contest in Eger.

The Round-Up

Sara Enyingi achieved the first gold medal of the entire event at the women’s junior pinweight (46kg) following her success over another Hungarian boxer, Roxana Talpas. Romania’s Luciana Petrache won the next female final in Eger after stopping Hungary’s Dominika Szilagyi at the flyweight (50kg). Hungary’s Sara Nyogeri caused a surprise on the third competition day but her main national rival, Noemi Raba in the final of the light bantamweight (52kg), defeated her.

Romania’s Amalia Nita was the biggest name at the women’s junior part of the Bornemissza Memorial Tournament. The Romanian light middleweight (70kg) boxer is the defending EUBC European Junior Champion who advanced to the finals at the Bornemissza and faced her teammate, Diana Tanasescu on Day4. Nita is a tall, technical boxer with strong punches and she dominated their final from the first seconds until the last one. Nita used the Bornemissza Memorial as preparation to the next EUBC Junior European Boxing Championships where she is a favourite once again.

Georgia’s Roman Guseinov dominated his semi-final at the light flyweight (48kg) and he continued his winning path against Hungary’s Sandor Koos in the final. Guseinov had a massive advantage on the judges’ scorecards after two rounds but his shots were decisive in the third when the referee stopped the final. His compatriot, Zviad Tchotchua is also a new addition to their junior national team, but his strength decided the next flyweight (50kg) final and stopped Hungary’s Nandor Bornes. Mamuka Sartania and Giorgi Natroshvili increased the number of the Georgian gold medals up to four.

Scotland sent strong junior and youth teams to the Bornemissza Memorial Tournament which is their preparation for the upcoming major championships. Liam Duncan impressed all of the coaches and experts in the venue of the competition and finally he can return to his homeland with a gold medal. The Scottish featherweight (57kg) boxer had the experience to get the control of his final immediately and proved that he is currently better than Finland’s Leevi Salo. Duncan won all of the three rounds and secured the title of this strong weight category.

Hungary’s Schoolboys National Champion, the 15-year-old Peter Benedek spent a short time in the ring and won the pinweight (46kg) final by RSC over Zoltan Budai. The next top Hungarian junior, Kevin Kozak also stopped his opponent, Zoltan Felfoldi at the final of the light bantamweight (52kg). The most successful Hungarian junior boxer, team captain Krisztian Nileborg stopped all of his rivals in the event and celebrated his next gold medal this year.