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At the second edition of Sarajevo Trophy 15 national teams participated: Bosnia & Herzegovina, France, Ukraine, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Germany, Greece, Romania, Israel, Turkey, Slovenia, Montenegro, Poland and North Macedonia. At the first edition, in 2022, was 11 contries at the start of the competition.
At the Opening Ceremony, near Enes Kunovac, President of LOC, was Doctor Ioannis Filippatos, EUBC President, Kenan Magoda, minister of sport and culture of Kanton Sarajevo and Samir Avdić deputy mayor of Sarajevo.
Finals of Sarajevo Trophy was yesterday at Hollywood Hotel Sarajevo. 
Serbia won 4 Gold medals at girls competition. Sanja Mitic, Dragana Jovanovic, Anastasia Boskovic and Dzida Nikolina finished on First place. Gold medals in girls competition was won also by Manlius Alicia (France), Taisiia Pokasai (Ucraine) and Agata Stajcer (Croatia).
Best boxer of the competition was Sandor Varadi (Hungary- junior). After winning dificult bouts against France and Ukraine in the first two days, Varadi won in the final against bosnian boxer Hassan Selimovic. France won gold medal – Djemal Mohammad Dahmane at 54 kg but lost the final at 52 kg against Israel Dor Pavloski. Montengro boxer Vasilije Kujundzic won the final at plus 80 kg after a clear victory in front of Sime Carina (Croatia). In Youth competition, viceeuropean champion Kristian Nileborg, winner of Moldavian Belt few week ago, won in Sarajevo at 75 kg.
The trophy winners are:
Most combative pair Junior Male: Tarik Kunovac (BiH) and Nekic Ivan (CRO)
Most combative pair Youth Male: Pleas Georgios (GRE) and Tsymbal Alexander (UKR)
Best Boxer Junior Male: Rahal Abdallah (ISR)
Best Boxer Youth Male: Nileborg Krisztian (HUN)
Most Combative Pair Youth Female: Jovanovic Dragana (SRB) and Clodomir Maireen (FRA)
Most Combative Pair Junior Male: Stajcer Agata (CRO) and Novikova Sofiia (UKR)
Best Boxer Youth Female: Boskovic Anastasija (SRB)
Best Boxer Junior Female: Manlius Alicia (FRA)