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First-ever EUBC Ethics Committee established by decision of EUBC Board of Directors.

In the systematic implementation of the program of the Electoral Manifesto, EUBC President Ioannis Fillipatos first set out to reform the EUBC committees.

In July were formed and approved by the decision of the board of directors the following Committees: EUBC Coaches Committee, EUBC Competition Committee, EUBC Medical & Anti-Doping Committee, EUBC Referee & Judge Committee, EUBC Women’s Committee.

At the meeting of the Board of Directors on 9 July 2022, for the first time in the history of EUBC, EUBC Ethics Committee was created.

The EUBC Board of Directors has appointed the members of the EUBC Ethics Committee:

1. Jean-François Reymond (FRA) Chairperson

2. Guido Battaglia (ITA)

3. Marjia Andjelkovic, MD (SRB)

4. Nicola Noth (SUI), as deputy member

They will serve the EUBC Ethics Committee in their personal capacity.

Mr. Reymond is a former professional basket player who built his now professional career working players’ associations and the players’ association movement. He developed expertise in sports integrity and governance of sporting organization and has been involved in a significant number of EU funded projects on topic such as match-fixing or player development.

Mr. Battaglia, after his master bachelor in law, pursued his career in international relations. He has led and contributed to multiple international initiatives promoting responsible business practices and he is currently the Head of Policy and Outreach at the Centre for Sport and Human Rights based in Geneva (SUI).

Mrs. Andjelkovic is a Medical Doctor with expertise in sports nutrition and anti-doping matters. She has been serving anti-doping agencies for several years, giving her the opportunity to provide her professional services at numerous sports events, including the Olympic Games.

Mr. Noth is a Zurich-based lawyer specialized in sports law. Owned to various assignments on behalf of the EUBC, he has a deep knowledge of the EUBC regulations. He was in charge of observing the Election of the EUBC Men Athletes’ Committee which took place in Yerevan (ARM) on May 23, 2022. Mr. Noth will support the Ethics Committee in developing the EUBC Code of Conducts as well as other ethics related matters.

Their extensive CVs are available on the EUBC website.

The Ethics Committee will have a joint meeting with the Board of Directors in Budva (Montenegro) during the Women’s European Championships next October.

This is the comment of the EUBC President Ioannis Filippatos: “The EUBC for the first time in its history has its own Ethics Committee. The process of selection of the members was long and meticulous, but myself and the entire Board of Directors are extremely satisfied with the work done. The competences and skills of the members, their advocacy in sensible matters such as human rights, athletes’ rights and anti-doping are the ideal ingredients to have a fair and just Ethics Committee.

Their tasks will go beyond the vetting of the Candidates for future Elections: the Ethics Committee will ensure that the set of the IBA’s ethical rules but also of the new EUBC Code of Conduct will be enforced – which will be shortly released.

The EUBC Code of Conduct, in particular, will make an important cultural change within the EUBC Community because it will introduce general principles of integrity and respect that all participants – including boxers, coaches, team delegates and officials – at EUBC competitions will be bound to.

On behalf of the EUBC, I welcome the Ethics Committee members and I look forward to the joint Board-Ethics meeting in Budva”.

The EUBC Code of Conduct will be shortly released to all NFs for comments and will enter into force at the EUBC Women European Championships in Budva.