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IBA’s World Boxing Tour Golden Belt Series event in Marrakesh, Morocco, ended on a high note for the European boxers. They dominated the competition winning 16 gold medals out of the 25 divisions contested. They were the most successful continent at this prestigious tournament, winning a total of 16 gold, 11 silver and 25 bronze medals.

National teams that represented the European Boxing Confederation in Morocco were: Austria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, France, Italy, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain and Switzerland. There were altogether 77 boxers from Europe, out of 201 in total. The team with the most boxers was Russia with 23 boxers, while Austria and Serbia participated with one boxer each. Spain, Italy and Azerbaijan also participated with big teams and strong teams.

The European champions in this Golden Belt Series are: Edmond Khudoian (48 kg, Russia), Vasilii Egorov (51 kg, Russia), Dmitrii Dvali (54 kg, Russia), Umid Rustamov (57 kg, Azerbaijan), Vselvod Shumkov (60 kg, Russia), Gabil Mamedov (63,5 kg, Russia), Nabi Isgandarov (67 kg, Azerbaijan), Pavel Sosulin (75 kg, Russia), Imam Khataev (80 kg, Russia), Sharabudtin Ataev (86 kg, Russia), Aziz Abbes Mouhidine (92 kg, Italy), Ramazan Karnukaev (+92 kg, Russia), Sirine Charaabi (52 kg, Italy), Nadezhda Golubeva (60 kg, Russia), Nataliya Sychugova (63 kg, Russia), and Saltanat Medenova (81 kg, Russia).