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EUBC Press Release

First 100 days

President Dr. Ioannis Filippatos: “the first 100 days of my Presidency were dedicated to governance reforms, which will be the backbone of the work I intend to deliver together with Board of Directors and the Committees. We have new Committees, we have amended Regulations and we have for the first time the Ethics Committee with whom – in joint collaboration – we are releasing the Code of Conduct, which introduces a cultural change in the EUBC competitions: any Participant, in any capacity, will be bound to principles of integrity and respect.

The next 100 days will be dedicated to make the EUBC financially stronger and to improve the communication. The numbers are clear: the resources are limited as the EUBC does not receive any contribution from IBA. The situation is challenging but at the same time it represents an opportunity to make the EUBC financially independent and autonomous from the IBA. I will work hard to make this happen and I will update You with the progresses.

I am also pleased to inform that during the Elite Women Championships of Budva, I will call an in-person Board of Directors meeting where all the Chairpersons of the Committees as well as the members of the Ethics Committee will be invited to attend. The goal will be to define the Agenda 2023 of my Presidency, as well as the tasks and missions of the Committees. Furthermore, I will be happy to personally meet with those of You who will travel to Budva and to discuss any boxing matter You wish to put at my attention”.

The EUBC Code of Conduct applies to all participants in EUBC Competitions. All boxers, coaches, R&J, officials, team delegates shall abide by general principles of integrity and respect which include, among the others, refrain from any kind harassment, bullyism, propaganda, and abusive use of social media. The Code of Conduct also includes provisions specifically designed for boxers, coaches, and R&J and officials.

The Code of Conduct will enter into force at the Elite Women Championship of Budva and part of the technical meeting of the Championship will be dedicated to it.

Tap the link to download EUBC Code of Conduct

In the same fashion, the general principles of integrity and respect of the Code of Conduct shall also be respected by the members of Committees and the Directors, to set the example as behavioral role model. Accordingly, the EUBC Bylaws have been amended and here are enclosed the clean version of the Bylaws, as well as the track version in order to facilitate the reading.

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The Budget 2022 has been drafted together with the new Auditor of our organization, in compliance with the financial regulations. The Budget 2022 provides the figures of how the EUBC shall be financially managed during this year.

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