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England is aiming for the top of the team rankings at the upcoming Commonwealth Games

The English coaches had to build up a new squad after the Tokyo Olympic Games but their staff members selected strong and young hopes after the event. Their elite male boxers impressed at the EUBC European Men’s Elite Boxing Championships in Yerevan two months ago and their best athletes are ready to compete at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on home soil.

The Commonwealth Games is one of the top multisport events in the world which is hosted every four years and boxing is part of the agenda. Altogether 52 out of the 72 participating NOCs will be competing in the boxing event of the upcoming Commonwealth Games from all of the five Confederations which makes the event exciting.

The first competition day of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England will be July 29 and the finals to be hosted on August 7. The host nation’s 14-strong squad was selected a few weeks ago and England’s bests are in the final stage of their preparation in order to achieve the best results in Birmingham.

Their eight male and six female boxers are newcomers in the level of the Commonwealth Games but all of them experienced from other international events such as the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships, Men’s Elite World Boxing Championships and the EUBC European Men’s Elite Boxing Championships.

The coach staff of the English national team used the prestigious Tammer Tournament, the Gee Bee Tournament, the Belgrade Winner Tournament, the Golden Gloves Tournament, the Boxam Tournament and many others in the recent 10 months to give as much international experience for their boxers as possible.

The first edition of the Commonwealth Games was held in Hamilton, Canada under the name of the British Empire Games in 1930. England was the best boxing nation in the Commonwealth Games eight-times in the recent 21 editions between 1930 and 2018. England won six gold, one silver and two bronze medals in the last edition of the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia in April 2018.

England sent four tough girls to the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships to Istanbul and their boxers won seven contests in the event. Alcobendas 2019 EUBC European Women’s Boxing Championships silver medallist Demie-Jade Resztan, Youth World Champion Gemma Richardson and the powerful and tall Kerry Davis could be their new female stars in the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

England’s eight-strong male team ranked No.4 at the previous EUBC European Men’s Elite Boxing Championships in Yerevan in May 2022 where their youngsters earned one gold, two silver and two bronze medals. England’s gold medallist in Yerevan, Mohammed Harris Akbar will be there in the Commonwealth Games at the light middleweight (71kg). Kiaran MacDonald, Lewis Richardson, Lewis Williams and Delicious Orie all achieved medals in the Armenian capital two months ago.

The list of the participating English boxers at the Commonwealth Games

Women’s 48kg: Demie-Jade Resztan

Women’s 50kg: Savannah Stubbley

Women’s 57kg: Sameenah Toussaint

Women’s 60kg: Gemma Richardson

Women’s 70kg: Jodie Wilkinson

Women’s 75kg: Kerry Davis

Men’s 51kg: Kiaran MacDonald

Men’s 57kg: Niall Farrell

Men’s 63.5kg: Joseph Tyers

Men’s 71kg: Mohammed Harris Akbar

Men’s 75kg: Lewis Richardson

Men’s 80kg: Aaron Bowen

Men’s 92kg: Lewis Williams

Men’s +92kg: Delicious Orie