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Circular dedicated to the upcoming EUBC Elite Women Boxing Championships of Budva

Dr. Ioannis Filippatos: “First of all, I would like to openly thank the Montenegro Federation and Alexander Klemenko for all their efforts and commitment to make this Championships an excellent one.

Along with the boxing tournament there will be other important events which You are kindly asked to take note of.

I will spend many days in Budva, and I will be available to have a sit down and meet with any of You.

Thank you and see you in Budva.”

On October 13 the Technical Meeting will take place, prior to the beginning of the Championships. Part of the meeting will be chaired by the Chairperson of the Ethics Committee, who will make a presentation of the Code of Conduct that you had received for your consideration and comments with the last circular. Please note that all athletes and officials will be bound by the provisions of the Code of Conduct and all the team Delegates will be requested to sign the Code of Conduct at the Technical Meeting.

Before the Technical Meeting, the Women Athletes Committee Election will take place.

The candidates are:

Ani Hovsepyan (ARM)

Sofia Ochigava (RUS)

Athletes who will compete in Budva should be informed that they are eligible to vote.

The candidate with the highest number of votes will become EUBC Director and will Co-Chair the Athletes Committee with Dmytro Tonishev (ITA), who was elected during the Championships in Yerevan.

More information about the time and location of the Election will follow shortly.

On October 20, the EUBC Board of Directors meeting will take place. The Chairpersons of the EUBC Committees will also be in attendance with the goal to determine the Agenda 2023 of the EUBC.