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A money prize event, the 4th Zagreb Grand Prix will feature in December 6-11

The money prize elite event, the Zagreb Grand Prix will be one of the last international events of the year. The Zagreb Grand Prix for the elite women and men boxers is scheduled to take place in Croatia’s capital in December 6-11 in 2022. The competition period of the 4th Zagreb Grad Prix is December 8-10.

The management of the Croatian Boxing Federation decided to host the Grand Prix in eight different weight classes in 2022. The selected women’s divisions are the bantamweight (54kg) and light welterweight (63kg). The men’s boxers will be able to compete at the light middleweight (71kg), middleweight (75kg), light heavyweight (80kg), cruiserweight (86kg), heavyweight (92kg) and super heavyweight (+92kg) in Zagreb.

The gold, the silver and bronze medallists of the next 4th edition of the Zagreb Grand Prix will be awarded also cash prizes in euros after the eight finals. The winners of each weight class will earn 500 EUR, the Croatian LOC gave 250 for the runner-ups and 125 each of the bronze medallist boxers.

The Croatian Boxing Federation held the first edition of the Zagreb Grand Prix in the end of 2019. Russia’s EUBC European Youth Champion Ilia Shakirov, Italy’s female duo Valentina Alberti and 2016 Women’s World Champion Alessia Mesiano were the foreign stars of the Zagreb Grand Prix in 2019.

The second edition saw champions during the Covid-19 period while the last third Zagreb Grand Prix was one of the last international competitions in 2021. Serbia’s Nina Radovanovic and Croatia’s strong duo as the World Boxing Championships quarter-finalist Gabrijel Veocic and Leo Cvetkovic were the stars of the event one year ago.

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